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Riding to celebrate Cathy Twibell

Cathy's Clan

*100% of Team Fox donations go DIRECTLY TO RESEARCH*

Parkinson’s disease came into our lives 13 years ago when Cathy was diagnosed at the age of 57. She was having a slight tremor in her hand and was frustrated that she was having difficulty combing her hair. We assumed she had a pinched nerve or something else minor. We were floored when she received her diagnosis. She had already beat breast cancer years earlier. It was hard at times not to think how unfair it was. Our whole family felt that way at some point – except Cathy. She really and truly always looked on the bright side. She was wasn’t angry, mean or bitter. She never felt sorry for herself. She just kept living life.

Drawing on her strength and positivity, our family focused on supporting PD research. In 2011, her daughter Kerry climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Team Fox, raising over $23,000. Her daughter Tara began working at the Michael F. Fox Foundation in 2015, managing a Foundation-sponsored clinical trial to find a biomarker for Parkinson's Disease. Next up - the Tour de Fox Wine Country!

We often think about her infectious laugh. When Tara asked her 4 year old daughter what she will miss most about Nana, she said “Her laugh. That was my favorite.” One of the countless pieces of advice Cathy gave her daughters was: smile, and people will smile back. That was her - always smiling.

She set an example of how to live life, how to take the bad with the good. Our family is participating in the Tour de Fox to celebrate her - an amazing wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, teacher and friend. We will continue to try to follow the example she spent a lifetime setting – to be strong, to stay positive, to smile and to keep living.

Thank you for your generosity. We are so touched by the love and support.

The Twibells



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Love to the Twibell/Hastings crew. Keep fighting the fight with such a beautiful tribute!
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Good Luck with the ride...I will forever remember Cathy as the most fashionable ski bunny!
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