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Allan Aks

Allan Aks

On August 24th, I am riding the Tour de Fox Wine Country Ride with the Denali team to raise money for Parkinson's research. I hope you will support me in my 3rd year riding in this event.

To date there are no approved therapies that slow progression of Parkinson's disease and only a handful of medicines that help with the symptoms. The symptomatic treatments have their own debilitating side effects and become less effective, requiring higher doses over time. This is a huge unmet medical need! I personally suffer most with my gait, freezing and bradykinesia (slowness of movement). Micrographia (small handwriting), soft voice and modest tremor are also in my "portfolio" of symptoms. There are a number of Levadopa/Carbidopa formulations that address almost all of these symptoms. However, I struggle with Levadopa induced dyskinesias (involuntary uncontrolled movement), which are a well known side effect from long term use of Levadopa and are particularly prevalent in young-onset Parkinson's. In short, my daily experience swings from not being able to move well, to moving way too much, with short breaks in between where I am moving well and feeling somewhat "normal".

For some reason, many of my symptoms melt away while riding my bike. I love my bikes, both mountain and road, and I am inspired to ride the Tour de Fox and raise money to find a cure and better treatments. MJFF does a terrific job funding promising science that I hope will result in more options for people with Parkinson's. For now, I am thankful that I am able to do this ride and I appreciate your support.

Ride On!


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