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Lisolette Owens

Lisolette Owens

I feel like I have sufficiently recovered from last year's ride and am more than prepared for this year's unique challenge.

Team Friel will be doing a safe, responsible ride this year as the big event has been cancelled due to Covid. While we are all focused on getting out from under this pandemic, let me remind you that many life altering diseases still need funding for research.

Take a moment to read this interview with Kathe Friel, who is my friend and inspiration for this campaign.

You don't have to donate a large quantity and you can always donate anonymously.

Thanks to you all.




raised of $1,000 goal

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1. QMQuinn Mefford
Go Lisolette!!
2. BWBetty And Michael Wilson
We are proud of you and happy to support this! Ride On!!
3. LOLois G. Owens
4. KTKim Trask
5. RARebecca Allswang
6. msMingo Stroeber
Ride on!
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