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Welcome to Len Grant's 2022 Tour de Fox, North Saanich at Eagle Ridge.

Len Grant

Len Grant

Aug 1 2022

Less than a month to go now to the big day, The work is about to begin in earnest !
(and especially in North Saanich)

We would especiallly like to invite residents of Eagle Ridge to participate on Saturday August 27th, at 10 AM when a clump (pelleton, gaggle, plethora, etc) of bikers will make their way from the start line (outside of Unit 73-74-75) around the neighbourhood from south to north waving back to residents whom we invite to wave at us from their doorways and driveways. It is a nice friendly way to acknowledge the community spirit at play in where we live. Thanks in advance.

Riding with me (I hope) will be my daughter, Dusty, and her son- my 12 year old grandson "PJ"- and I couldn' t be prouder !
 Hope you can join us.....Aug 27th...10 Eagle Ridge


July 1, 2022

Happy Canada Day !

To recognize the day and the wonderful country we live in I thought we should try something different. So when my friend and fellow Eagle Ridger Bill McIntytre suggested he was too  busy to do a Fox warm up ride the other day, I thought this requires some creative thinking.

I remember being that busy too, when I ran my own business in Calgary. I couldn't squeeze in any more activities in the day-even something I loved to do-like run !
The solution I came up with in my own case and that of Bill McIntyre, was simply a matter  of scheduling. If the day is too busy when you get up at 8 AM ,I reasoned, -get up at  6 AM...and you'll have 2 more hours to do things in. This solution only works for a whlle, but you can get a lot done for that "while" at least.

Bill emerged onto the road for the start of our 20 km warm-up at just about exactly 8 AM. He had a big Canadian flag on the back of his bike.
and we had a great ride with Ian and Margaret and sister Carolyn and son Danny, The weather was perfect, the traffic non- existant, and the ride went off without a  hitch.
Cheers to early rising as a temporary solution to " I am too busy for that"

June 20, 2022

We did our first warm up ride the other day. About half a dozen riders showed up.
We rode over to Madrona, and south to Ardmore , stopping at the Roost for coffee, and back via the John St trail- a nice distance-AND IT WASN'T RAINING !

I have added a picture of my neighbour Margaret Nelson on her newish e-bike at  the bottom of this page.

My Urban  Ryder e-bike is holding up well. i have close to 6,000 km on it,  The hope is if i get a knee replaced soon enough, I could go back to a regular pedal bike.
But we'll have to wait, for the moment. (see more by scrolling down)

Thank you for visiting my page!  I am participating in the Michael J. Fox Foundation's (MJFF) Tour de Fox Cycling Series for Parkinson's Research otherwise, known as,  simply, the Tour de Fox, North Saanich, 2022

It will be my 6th year (I think.... I am getting older by the minute) participating in this event which is aimed squarely at finding a cure for Parkinson's disease.

Buildiing on the success of last years event-the second we have started and finished at beautiful Eagle Ridge- about two dozen riders will mount their machines August 27th to ride a 40 kilometer course around North Saanich. It's the least we can do, faced with this horrible disease.

An estimated six million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) — a chronic neurodegenerative disorder. There is no known cure.  As the world’s largest nonprofit funder of PD research, MJFF is working to change this.

MJFF is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson's disease through an aggressively funded research agenda and to ensuring the development of improved therapies for those living with Parkinson's today.

Your gift will make a real difference: 100 percent of Tour de Fox virtual ride proceeds will go directly to The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s high-impact research programs.

Help me move a cure for Parkinson's disease forward by making a donation today and step onto your doorway, to cheer us on on Aug 27th. (we will ride around the neighborhood at 10 am and even include a "tri-shaw" pedal machine to give someone-or two-a pedal-free ride courtesy of the free service for the disabled run by the Cycling without Age Society in Sidney BC)

Let's get behind this effort Eagle Ridge. There is great research momentum in the Parkinson's field now, let's find a cure !

Thank you for your support .
(250) 655-4165


raised of $5,000 goal


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