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Michael Lichtenstein

michael lichtenstein

Thank you for visiting our page Team Lawrence H. This year, Jodee and I are participating and will be riding in the Michael J. Fox Foundation's Tour de Fox Cycling Series for Parkinson's Research in honor of Larry Levy, my Brandeis college roommate and our very close friend who was recently diagnosed with Parkinsonism.  While many know (and remember from Brandeis) Larry as loud and rambunctious, he is the epitome of "still waters run deep."  His 6 ft 6" frame hides a sensitive, empathetic, Outward Bound adventurer, meditating, introspective and philanthropic man who has spent many hours and dollars tutoring and mentoring less fortunate youth and supporting good causes.  Now is the time to honor Larry and to assist him in this fight against a disease by supporting on-going and important research and the dissemination of helpful information.

thanks for your support

Jodee and Michael



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