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Riding for Stan!

Jenna Sonenshein

Jenna Sonenshein

It's hard to believe my dad passed away 1 year ago.  Throughout his battle with Parkinson's, he wanted more than anything to ride his bike again.  He missed the freedom, independence and adventurous high that he got from cycling.  And, he loved to reminisce about his 13(!) AIDS Rides and how cycling connected him with a community that raised boatloads of money to help find a cure.

Please join Adam, Samantha, Jack and me in honoring Stan by participating in the Michael J. Fox Foundation's Tour de Fox for Parkinson's Research. You can donate, ride with us on Aug 27, or do your own ride!  

An estimated six million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s. There is no known cure for Parkinson’s disease. As the world’s largest nonprofit funder of Parkinson's research, MJFF is working to change this. Your donation makes a difference. 100% of Tour de Fox proceeds will go directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s high-impact research programs.

Thank you for your love and support!  
xo Jenna

P.S.  Hit me up if you want to join us! 


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