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Orlie Braha

Orlie Braha

Before this past week riding a bike was a short leisurely activity I would do on the boardwalk in Florida once in a blue moon.

So what Changed? Why am I training to ride distance?

It has become personal! I am riding for a cure for everyone who has Parkinson's; I am riding for my boyfriend Lou. I want him to be able to continue to do the things he loves, ski, hike, golf and more for many many years to come with the agility and strength he has now.

Lou is larger than life and embraces the challenges thrown his way, but he can't overcome Parkinson's by sheer will. He will need improved treatments, improved therapies, a cure. I am proud to be riding with him and helping to raise the money needed to find this cure!

An estimated five million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) — a chronic neurodegenerative disorder. In the United States, 60,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year alone. Today there is no known cure for Parkinson’s.

100 percent of Tour de Fox Tri-State ride proceeds will go directly to The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s high-impact research programs working for improving treatments and finding a cure.

Help me help Lou and everyone that has Parkinson's by making a donation today.

Thank you for your support!



raised of $250 goal

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1. JMJordan Alexis Miller
You are a Wonder Woman and will kill this race!!! Love you Orlie!!!
2. SSo Sarah and Ron aka Cookie
Proud of you! You're the best!
3. BBeth
You go girl. Love you!! Beth
let's find a cure!
5. Orlie Braha
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