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Hannah Friel

Hannah Friel

Thank you for visiting my page! The Michael J. Fox Foundation's (MJFF) Tour de Fox Cycling Series for Parkinson's Research is the highlight of the year for my family.

Anyone that knows my mom knows that she is the most selfless and kind-hearted woman out there (seriously!). She is our world and we hope that you can help support her and this truly incredible organization!

An estimated six million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) — a chronic neurodegenerative disorder. There is no known cure for Parkinson’s disease. As the world’s largest nonprofit funder of PD research, MJFF is working to change this.

MJFF is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson's disease through an aggressively funded research agenda and to ensuring the development of improved therapies for those living with Parkinson's today.

Your gift will make a real difference: Tour de Fox Wine Country ride proceeds will go directly to The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s high-impact research programs.

If you're able, help me move a cure for Parkinson's disease forward by making a donation today!

Thank you for your support!

Love, Hannah


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Go Team Kathe!! Love you guys!!
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Go Hannah go!
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