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September 22, 2018

Team Maggie #PoundsForParkinsons

Team Maggie #PoundsForParkinsons

My Dad (Mike Rowland) was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2014. It took us a while to come to terms with the news, but we are ready to fight this thing! Every dollar donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation goes directly to research. This is so important to finding a cure. Let's get rid of it!!

CrossFitters can't do anything that isn't CrossFit related. Right? So we decided to take a classic CF workout, Cindy, and create a competition with one focus: getting rid of Parkinson's Disease by raising money. The catch? The more money Team Kyle and Team Maggie raise the less rounds of Cindy you have to do on the day of the big party! Both teams start with 30 rounds of Cindy, but every time a team raises $50 they get to knock off a round! On September 22nd we will all get together at WSCF for a big party with games, food, and a Cindy-style throw down.

The winning team will get an easier workout, unimaginable glory, and there could be a trophy in the works...

Thank you for your support! - Maggie, Daughter of the Greatest Dad in the World who happens to have PD


raised of $4,000 goal

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1. ?Anonymous
2. WWise
Put me on dat helmet!!!
3. SNSusan Neuwien
Congratulations on a great job super fundraiser!
4. ?Anonymous
in care of Brandi O'Banion
5. ALAmanda Lawley
SO PROUD OF YOU MAGGIE!!!! You and the entire Team Rowland family are an inspiration to so many!!!!! We love Mr. Mike! -Team Lawley!
6. AAuburn Cottle
Go team #Maggie! (Still love you Kyle!)
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