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Welcome to Rowland Riders Page!

Stacy Rowland

Stacy Rowland

This year marks the 4th year Team Rowland rides again! And we are not going to let a world wide pandemic stand in our way because Parkinson Disease has not gone away. So we will continue to fight and RIDE! Our goal is to ride till PD is gone and with your help, we KNOW that a cure is within reach. There are really, really, really smart people working round the clock to make that happen. Here’s where we come in! Our donations help fund those efforts. It keeps those researchers working. The more we give, the more they get to work! That’s a win win! So please donate today so we can put an end to this terrible disease.

Our first year with the Tour de Fox we adopted this motto for Team Rowland:
“Parkinson’s picked the wrong man, the wrong family and the wrong friends”.
Everyday this motto proves to be more and more true. Mike is our man of steel and sets an example to us all everyday of how you just push through no matter what is placed before you. Our family provides us with the courage to fight and some times a shoulder to cry on. And our friends surround us with love, support and prayers. PD takes a village.
Be a part of our village by donating today and let’s kick PD to the curb together!
Love you all!
Rowland Rider Out


raised of $9,000 goal

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Hope it went great today❤️!
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Have a wonderful ride! Go team Rowland! Love, Lern and Bud😎

Team Rowland