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Here. Until Parkinson's isn't.

Maggie Wortendyke

Maggie Wortendyke

Last year’s Pounds for Parkinson’s event was our best ever. We had gyms all over the world come together to raise over $10,000. It was remarkable and one of the absolute highlights of my life. Everyone who donated, attended an event, shared it on Facebook, or sent us a good luck text was a part of that success and I am eternally grateful. However, as of this writing Parkinson’s Disease still exists, so our work is not finished.

Enter COVID-19. I’m sure you’ve received your fair share of event cancellation messages in the past 6 months, but I am hoping that this one will be a little different because it’s more a shift than a cancellation. With the state of the world and social distancing regulations, an event like Pounds for Parkinson’s doesn’t seem possible in its current format, so we’re going to pivot this year. Instead of hosting Pounds for PD, we are going to take a line out of the CrossFit book and “regularly learn and play new sports.”

Team Rowland (my amazing family and our network of friends) is going to host a bike ride.

There are many ways to participate in the ride, whether in-person, or from where you are right now. We understand that this is a hard year to ask for people’s support when so many have lost part or all of their income. If donating or riding with us is not an option for you, please just send us your love. Fighting Parkinson’s Disease is a labor of love for those who love a person living with the disease, but it is also draining mentally. We could use any support you can give, no matter what that looks like for you.


The days of Parkinson’s Disease are numbered because we aren’t giving up.

Let’s kick some ass.

Maggie Rowland Wortendyke
-Daughter of an amazing man who just happens to have Parkinson’s Disease.


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