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Tour de Fox FAQs

What is the Tour de Fox Series? And how can I get involved?
When and where are the 2019 Tour de Fox events?
Do I need to fill out more than one registration form to register my partner and/or children?
I’m registering with my friend to participate with a tandem bike. How should we register?
Can I participate in the events with a handcycle or recumbent bicycle?
Is the registration fee of $50 in U.S. dollars (USD) or Canadian dollars (CAD)?
Are the registration fee and fundraising requirement the same for adults and children?
How does team fundraising work in order to meet the fundraising minimum for each participant?
What if I do not meet the fundraising minimum by the day of the event?
What if I can’t attend a Tour de Fox event? Are there other Foundation events in my area?
Can I bring pets with me to the finish-line festival?
Where can I mail donation checks?